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Good discounts to Drums and Accessories

16 Beat Drums is proud to welcome Pearl Drums, the World's leading & largest drum manufacturer, as one of our principal brands.  

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Pace for our customers
Atome for our customers

PACE OR ATOME (split 3 payments) available for $500 & above purchases.
Call us +65 67866500

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Our Principal Brands

Evans Top Drum Head 16 Beat Drums
Puresound 760x300.png
Pearl Top Drum 16 Beat Drums
Top Cymbal brand AGOP 16 Beat Drums
wfl3 760x300.png
ddrum 760x300.png
Murat 760x300.png
black hole 760 x300.png
Roc n Soc 760 x300.png
Top Drum stick 16 Beat Drums
drumdots 760x300.png
headhunters 760x300.png