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16 Beat Drums is a professional drum shop delivering
quality solutions to churches and their drummers and
distributes these value-adding products specifically for
every church in South East Asia.
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EVANS drumheads

the most technologically advanced drumheads on earth 

16 Beat Drums is the only authorized distributor in SG

Agop landing page church.png

heard on countless Bethel Church worship sessions played by their main drummer David Whitworth.

Istanbul Agop cymbals are famed for their buttery crash-able rides

Promark landing page church.png

Promark drumsticks

advanced designs

unrivaled consistency

planting trees with every pair

Roc n Soc landing page church.png

Roc n Soc musician thrones protect your drummers’ & musicians’ lower back.

long lasting comfy seats so good you would never sit on another

Puresound landing page church.png

industry leader for snare wires highly durable

variety of choices

WFL3 landing page church.png

go vintage with the real LUDWIG!

WFLIII = William Frederick Ludwig the Third

If you are looking for a unique drumset that is of the highest quality... this is it !

Hybrid landing page church.png

sometimes a drum screen is just too much & unnecessary. Make your drums hybrid and solve the problem. 

ddrum landing page church.png

ddrum dios series

premium north american maple drumset that packs a punch with the warmth of

hard rock maple

Black Hole landing page church.png

black hole system allows smooth effective band practice in a small room.

drums volume reduced by 80% (therefore not deafening the other band members) & drummer can still use 100% strength retaining 100% feel. 

ADV landing page church.png

musician ear-profile style earphones for the worship team at affordable prices

Lug Locks landing page church.png

once tuned, keep it locked in. stop any detuning during worship services.

Drumdots landing page church.png

these high grade dampners last & last.
they don’t melt easily.
they stick to the drumskins not your fingers

Tan Boon landing page church.png
tuning landing page church.png

Cleaning, Maintenance, Tuning, Repairs & Set Ups

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What Church staffs have to say about
16 Beat Drums 

"16 Beat Drums has been very helpful to Grace Assembly Of God Singapore in advice and service. They have helped us to tune our drum set and shape the sound that we are looking for in our worship sets. Their after sales service in following up and checking in with us is commendable.


We’ve truly enjoyed their expert recommendations and help. Thank you 16 Beat Drums!"


Pastor Victor Toh

Head, Creative Arts Ministry

Grace Assembly of God Singapore

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"I just want to thank 16 Beat Drums for being such a wonderful help in the whole process of setting up the ddrum HYBRID drum set & full system for my church.  Boon and Julian were so patient and helpful to ensure that my queries were answered

and there was no rush work done...

splendid customer service!!!"


Pastor Alvin Reggie

Senior Pastor

Praise Evangelical Church

Have questions? Ask us here!
If no questions, we will always encourage the church to use the drums that we know will uplift the spiritual atmosphere;
the Acoustic drums.
and we provide many ways to help make that happen effectively.

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