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The only drum dampener engineered to Control the Over-Ring without Sacrificing the TONE of the drum. Unlike other "sticky" dampers and tape which creates a dead spot in the drumhead muting the tone, drumdots allow the head to breathe preserving the natural tone of the drum.

Drumdots' success can be found in the V-TemTM polymer, precision molded into the carefully engineered drumdot shape. It is this combination of material and design that allows Drumdots to to kill over tones without losing the character/tonal and sonic qualities from the drum.

Drumdots Original offer the most dampening, allowing you for the most overtone control they come in a box of 4

Drumdots reg.png

Drumdots mini offer a little less dampening for those looking for a little less overtone control. They come in a box of 6

Drumdots mini.png
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