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Many professional drummers would agree that practicing on Electronic drums eventually ruins your touch & feel when you play the Acoustic drums...but fret not, we have the perfect solution so you can always play & practice correctly on Acoustic drums.

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Play & Practice the Acoustic Drums with NO Limitations

100% tone
100% Feel
80% softer
add Effects
Play drum covers
only needs one mic

Claim your $80 Voucher
for a purchase of 4 or more pieces

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What users have to say about these products 

Nick Lim, IRYS

I do not like compromise when it comes to playing the drums. With the Black Holes on my kit at home, I can play at full intensity like I would at a live show without worry. The truth is, there are no substitutes worthy enough to compete with the Acoustic Drums and with the Black Holes at hand I don't need any substitutes.

Emma Loh, FeeFiFoFemme

Apart from effective sound reduction, I love the feel of the Black Hole Practice System and the nice rims; I don’t have to hold back on how hard I want to hit. And coupled with the Yamaha EAD10, I can now play along to tracks, record  and hear myself in a balanced way. For a single mic, it really packs a punch and saves so much time when setting up for gigs or recording.

Watch this video to hear how the Black Holes and EAD10 sound together as well as how the Black Holes sound in a small room

Watch this video to hear how effective the Black Holes are in an actual HDB home

Get your $80 voucher now

special bracket for mounting ead10 mic to blackhole bass is created exclusively by 16 beat drums and only available and made free for ead10 customers of 16 beat drums

Still not convinced?
Watch this!

Have questions? Ask us!
If no questions, we will always encourage you to play and practice on the drums that we believe all drummers were inspired to play;
the Acoustic drums.


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