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Born in 1941, AGOP TOMURCUK began work as an apprentice cymbal-smith at the age of 9 at the only cymbal factory (the original K factory) in Turkey.


Here, AGOP learned, and later helped to refine every aspect of the cymbal making process, becoming a master at every process and eventually becoming the CHIEF cymbal-smith, until that company ceased production of their cymbals in Turkey in 1977.


AGOP determined to continue the Turkish tradition of handmade cymbals on his own. In 1980, the first Istanbul Cymbals began to be produced by Agop Tomurcuk. Istanbul Agop cymbals embrace the ancient traditions of Turkish, hand-hammered cymbals but take a progressive approach toward sound, design and manufacturing. 

XIST Hi res.png
20_ XIST Crash.png
16_ XIST ION Hi Hats.png
20_ XIST Dry Dark Flat Ride.png
21_ XIST Dark ION Ride.png

The Istanbul Agop Xist Series, offer drummers a chance to have a shot of this sought after brand without having to commit to the expense of handmade cymbals. At their price range they really are unrivalled and sound like they should cost a lot more than they do. This is largely to do with the fact that they still use a B20 Bronze the same as high end cymbals. The Xist line consists of; Xist, Xist Brilliant, Xist Power, Xist Ion, Xist Ion Dark and Xist Dry Dark, catering to all cymbal needs for players.

21_ XIST Dark ION Ride.png
Traditional logo.png

The Istanbul Agop Traditional Cymbals embody what the brand is about, Handmade Cymbals with a distinct smooth and warm tone that easily opens up into a wash that is never harsh on the ears. Silky and Responsive the Agop Traditional Series would suit most if not all genres of music!

14_ Traditional HEAVY Hi Hats.png
22” Traditional JAZZ Ride.png
Blue Washed Wall_edited.jpg
Custom logo.png
15_ TURK Hi Hats.png
19_ Sultan Crash.png
22” Special Edition JAZZ Ride.png

Consisting of the dark sounding Turk, the perfect balance of dry and buttery smooth sounding Sultan and the unique jaw dropping dark and low with an explosive wash sounding Special Edition Jazz models, The Istanbul Agop Custom Series offer you different palates of sound that'll add colour to any cymbal set up!

15_ AGOP Signature Hi Hats.png
22_ Signature ride.png

The master cymbalsmith Agop Tomurcuk lived a life in dedication to hand made craftsmanship and innovation in cymbal design. His small notebook contained a lifetime of cymbal making secrets and ideas for the eventual creation of this series. They were the last Project of his life.  The Agop Signature Series are extremely dark, trashy, dry and complex.

Clap Stack_edited.png
9_+17_ Clap Stack Expansion.png
11+13+15 Clap Stack.png

The Istanbul Agop Traditional Clap Stack is a uniquely shaped and tempered trio of cymbals designed to create a tactile, acoustic reproduction of analog 8 bit hand clap samples that have been an integral part of music for generations. Decay can be adjusted by loosening or tightening your cymbal felts and wing nuts. Designed in collaboration with Agop artist Trevor Lawrence, Jr.

Istanbul Agop Artists

Sarah Thawer


Joey Waronker


Cindy Blackman


Aaron Sterling


Yussef Dayes

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