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Murat Diril has been creating high-quality handmade cymbals off the coast of the Black Sea for 20 years. Murat and Ibraham worked for the Istanbul cymbal factory way, way back in the day. By the year 2000, they decided to take their cymbal-making skills and create their own operation. Now on their own, their new cymbal designs caught the attention of Meinl and Paiste, leading them to collaborate to create Meinl's Byzance line of cymbals and Paiste's 20-series cymbals. Eventually, the brothers decided to go their separate ways, with Murat continuing to create cymbals under the name Murat Diril. Today, their cymbals are made using an extra pure bronze alloy that is unique and proprietary to them. 


This very versatile piece, can be used as a stack in different combinations as the top cymbal is flippable. This pair can also be used as Hi-Hats that gives you a modern trashy touch.


These Warm, buttery and soft cymbals sandblasted by hand,create a vintage sound. Versatile and suitable for most styles from Straight ahead jazz to Rock. Well balanced.

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