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Financing & Payments

Financing your purchases online

  • MASTER Credit Cards

  • VISA Credit Cards

Every credit card or payment source must belong to the payer or member 


payer’s or member’s valid related family member.

Financing your purchases with us directly - let's CHAT.

Click on "Let's CHAT" or "Contact Us" always at bottom right of our webpage.

We will make all these 3 methods below work seamlessly for you.

We have…

  • PAYNOW thru UEN (Most preferred)

  • ATOME* - Get your order now, but payment can be split into 3 months

*(final payment amount to be more than $500) 

Gentle reminder on these issues as also listed on the refund and exchange policy page.

Abuse of discount codes and member’s codes
Usage of codes erroneously

Any abuse or usage of codes erroneously and even with payment made, there will be no refunds or any product delivered until all accurate payments are made properly.


Changes to any payment, delivery, refund and exchange policy

We may, in our sole and absolute discretion, amend the terms of payment, delivery, refund and exchange at any time and without notice.

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