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We are always asked these here's our go at answering most of them!

Why does 16 Beat Drums charge a set up fee when they sell a drum set or set up the Black Hole system?
Ans: We take care and pride in the drums we set up. Whether you are a professional or a beginner, we will tune the drums professionally for you and set it up in a way that is ergonomic and customised to you. And for the black hole system, we will tweak it to perfection together by doing professional tuning of the drum set as well. 


Why is 16 Beat Drums the only drum shop in Singapore that does not sell an electronic drum set up till now?
Ans: We do not promote what we do not play or enjoy playing. Almost every drummer on the planet wanted to pick up drumming because they saw their fave drummers play on an acoustic drum set. And of course they want to play on an acoustic drum too. Why would they want to practice on electronic drums if they want to play acoustic drums?

Overall, electronic drums ‘promise’ to replicate the same acoustic feel & touch while keeping it quiet and space-saving. But have we also considered the lifespan of electronic products that are subjected to constant beating?

Concerning space-saving; an electronic drum set probably saves a space of 30cm by 153cm or less compared to an acoustic drum set. That’s a small area saved. We have set up standard 20" kick drum acoustic drum sets in the smallest (like real small) of rooms and still, they are satisfied customers.


Interesting fact,  have you observed that Electronic drum companies in recent years have gone from small sizes to designing their latest models to match the actual size of the typical acoustic drum set. It seems to imply that they believe that drummers still wanna play acoustic drums and look good playing it. 

Therefore, if we were to promote electronic drums, the electronic drums must pass the stringent test of:

  1. GREAT FEEL and it is the TOP PRIORITY (because nearly all brands of electronic drums out there have an unrealistic feel and touch, thereby hampering the learning and practice of many drummers.)

  2. ACCEPTABLE STRIKING SOUND LEVELS (because the fact is…most electronic drums are still producing alot of audible sounds and enough to garner neighbours’ complaints due to the striking sounds of the mesh or rubber pads. Let’s not forget the loud thudding thumping sounds of the kick pedal hitting the kick pad.)

When we find that electronic drum that pass our stringent test, we have no problem promoting it because our company truly believes in enhancing the drummer lifestyle and with the best products!

Yeah I wanna play and practice on acoustic drums … but it’s so loud ! So how do I keep the volume down and yet able to practice dynamics from soft to loud? 

Ans: For those that don’t know yet… the best thing that happened for acoustic drums home practice have arrived 4 years ago in Singapore!  Tried and tested and top seller of our shop - the Black Hole systems will solve this ancient problem of loud acoustic drums and yet give you the same accurate feel. 


Does it work like those rubber pads that absolutely kills the sound of the drums? 

Ans: Absolutely Not! The Black Hole is an engineered product that does not have any contact with the drum skin therefore allowing the actual drum sound to be audible but 80% softer.
Check out this page on Black Hole here complete with many informative videos.


Ordering New or Out of Stock Items
What if I want to purchase something and 16 Beat Drums does not have stocks for it?
Ans: You may email us at to order it. And if we do accept your order, a 30% deposit based on the agreed buying price must be made to us immediately.



How do I get free delivery when I buy at 16 Beat Drums online webshop?

Ans: For any payment that amounts to $50 or more,  you would already qualify for free delivery.

When can I expect my delivery after online payment is made?
Ans: Within the next 7 working days. We will notify the day of delivery to you within 2 days after payment is received.  

What if I require my delivery within the same day the payment is made?
Ans: You may purchase an urgent transport service here


And if I had paid $30 for the basic delivery and I still require urgent transport service at $60, do I pay $90 in total?
Ans: NO. We will refund you the $30 if you book the urgent transport service.

Have a question? Ask us here.

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