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No stranger to the worldwide drum industry, Boon, who is responsible for creating & curating top drum events like the first international drum set festival in Asia and the renown Drum-Off Global competition, had felt the lack of proper home drum practice equipment for drummers, thereby hampering the growth of the drum arts & talents in Singapore. 


He then said: “Every drummer in Singapore deserves to practice with Acoustic Drums..." 


And with that, 16 Beat Drums was born.

First & only to distribute the top notch Black Hole practice system to South East Asia, now drummers can practice effectively on acoustic drums, keeping great feel and not disturbing their neighbours. The Black Holes have finally solved the ancient “noise” problem that has been troubling drummers in perpetuity.

At the same time, 16 Beat Drums also brought in another “drummer enhancing” gem; the beloved Roc N Soc drum thrones, a superior hand-made chair from U.S.A. providing unparalleled comfort and protecting all drummers’ backs from potential fatigue due to extended drumming hours.


As a shop dedicated to enhancing the lifestyle of drummers, 16 Beat Drums pays great attention to drummers using the right gear and also cares for their well-being behind the kit and thus supply a wide range of products coming from great brands such as Pearl Drums, Istanbul Agop, Evans drumheads, Promark drum sticks, DDRUM drums, WFLIII drums, Drumdots and many more.


You will find the team at 16 Beat Drums always offering friendly expert advice and customisable solutions meant for the newest drummers all the way to the professional drummers.


We love drums and drummers and we welcome all you “beat-makers” to come, play our drums and rock out at this distinguished landmark for drummers since 2018.

16 Beat Drums


16 Beat Drums @Excelsior in 2022

with Senri 2018 edited 2022.png

Boon with Japan's Senri Kawaguchi at
16 Beat Drums @Opal Crescent in 2018

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