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SKU: 03BigBangKickportNormalColours
$65.00 Regular Price
$58.50Sale Price

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  • About The Product

    KickPort�s designs have become an industry standard for natural acoustical enhancement of drums and percussion instruments in all genres of music.

    Both for the audience and players, the award-winning patented KickPort delivers audible improvements to maximize the sound properties and tonal qualities like no other products or devices in the world. Sound matters!

    � Fits a 4.50" to 5.25" bass drum hole
    � Gives you more low end, tone and punch
    � Easily installs in minutes
    � Spectrum analysis of a bass drum strike shows that it enhances lower frequencies for a deeper, fatter, warmer and cleaner sound
    � Reusable
    � 4 inches in diameter

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