WFLIII Maple Snare Drum 6.5X14 Natural

WFLIII Maple Snare Drum 6.5X14 Natural

Drum making is in Bill Ludwig III's blood. His father and grandfather have crafted some of the most iconic snares in the biz, including the Black Beauty and Supraphonic. Now Bill has tossed his hat into the ring with his own signature maple snare. Its 3-ply shell is refreshingly nuanced and alive in a world where 20- and 30-ply snares are commonplace.
Bill's achievement relies on three distinct flavors of shell woods: mahogany for its warm punch, poplar for its crisp attack, and maple for its musically balanced tone and great looks. Laser-cut bearing edges and snare beds offer better seating and snare sensitivity than traditional wood drums. And a Trick Drums throw off with three positions lets players choose the right snare sustain for the style of music.

Available in Natural Gloss w/ Brass Lugs and Natural Satin w/Chrome Lugs



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