Introduction To Hybrid Drums: Advantages, Benefits And Website

Updated: Aug 10, 2018


(1) Get to utilise electronic drums as well as the aesthetics of acoustic drums in one set up.

(2) Have the same sizes and looks of an acoustic drums all-in-one: Aesthetics looks, plays and feels better than just an electronic drum kit, with visually charming similarities of an acoustic drumset.

(3) Implementing sound effects on acoustic drums with real acoustic drum heads which implies that sound can be enhanced with just an electronic module and triggers. I.e. The sound of a tambourine can be processed to sound when the acoustic tom is struck, which implies 2 sounds in one for as many triggered drums as possible.

(4) The E.Q. of the drums will sound better with a hybrid and electronic module and triggers. Just place effects and special settings tweaked from the module onto the drums and special settings such as studio sound and live sound in particular can be arranged.

(5) Ultimate Sound reducing solution for a huge sound reduction from acoustic drums.


(1) Save on the space needed: Normally, because one needs both electronic drums and acoustic drums, this is the splendid space saving solution for one.

(2) Save time of E.Qing the drumset by combining an electronic module with the triggers to set the desired customised and fully customisable enhanced effects for the best personal results with a fuller sounding drum kit, nice and great to hear straight from the added drums effects. The drums sound much better as a fabulous effect.

(3) Save on the cost of an extremely expensive electronic drum set while cheap electronic drum sets are about the same pricing as the hybrid acoustic-electronic drumset with all the added bonuses. (4) Flexibility of volume levels of the hybrid drums are another benefit. Paired with silent cymbals and silent cymbals with pickups, they are versatile and able to be recorded, sound tested and approved.

(5) Fully expandable depending on the space, the hybrid drums can be paired with electronic cymbals, silent cymbals, silent cymbals with pickups and acoustic cymbals, the drums with the most versatility and sound expansion in the current age and market.


Please visit us at and at 16 Opal Crescent Singapore today! We have the exclusive widest and best selections of hybrid drums, triggers and drum heads in Singapore.

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