Goodbye Electronic Drums, Hello To Black Hole.

Imagine this.

It's 2pm on a Saturday. You are at home and so are your neighbours. You are dying to practise that new groove you heard recently. You look at the prized acoustic drum kit that you have in your room. It has been awhile since you last played it.


Because you are worried that your neighbours will complain. They did before, and it's highly likely they will come again if they hear you banging your heart out.

You toy with the idea of buying a set of electronic drums. But they are expensive. And they don't look, sound or feel anything like the "real thing". You are unmotivated to practice the drums at home.

Until you discovered this...

ddrum Journeyman 5-piece drum kit equipped with the Black Hole Practice System with Zildjian Low Volume Cymbals.

It doesn't matter if you are living in a HDB, condo or a two-storey house, the Black Hole Practice System will allow you to play your drums at volume levels so low that your neighbours will think twice about complaining again! And your drums still sound like...your drums.

Don't believe? Watch the video below to find out:

With the Black Hole Practice System, you can now practice in the comfort of your home anytime you want.

And save thousands of dollars on traditional soundproofing.

Get your set today! (Mix-and-Match Bundle deals are available!)

Visit us at our showroom today!

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