Building Your Own Electronic Drums With Acoustic Drums

ddrum Redshot Trigger

Place on those triggers on any drum set and wa-lah, plays and sounds like magic.

With any acoustic drums, they can be changed to electronic drums and even enhanced acoustically with sound samples and drums settings.

These are such as the live settings and studio settings, positions of mic-ing on the drums electronically through triggers etc.

ddrum Mappa Burl Wrap Reflex Drums

Any configuration of acoustic drums can be configured, the triple flanged hoops, wood hoops and of course the die-cast hoops to fit and clip on sound electronic triggers.

These heavy duty durable metal casing triggers not only sounds and effects, and also enhances the sound of the acoustic drums through adding electronic drums effects to the playing, making the sound also sound more consistent, balanced in terms of E.Q. and also more epic and impactful.

Paired with silent cymbals and pickups, and mesh heads these hybrid drums on your previous acoustic set can sound reasonable at maintained volumes and look like an acoustic set all at the same time.

Please do check us out at! We are the only and exclusive distributor of hybrid boutique brand ddrums and ddrum triggers (Acoustic Pro, Chrome Elite and Red Shot) from USA.

ddrum Chrome Elite Electronic Trigger

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