Acoustic Drums And Electronic Drums

Updated: Aug 10, 2018

Acoustic Drums And Electronic Drums

10 Reasons Why Acoustic Drums Are Better than Electronic Drums

1) The name acoustic says it all: Acoustic sound, the natural sincere musical expression from a hand crafted precision music instrument. The honest extravagance of every single sensitive true to touch of music from the instrument.

Acoustic drums are the keen expression of every individual drummer. Just imagine articulating strokes of rhythm while feeling groove and enjoyment. On the other hand, electronic drums have been sampled by also others, and thus tend to lose their unique individuality.

2) If ever you wanted Electronic Drums because they reduce volume through speakers with inclusion of polyphonic and synthetic sounds, and excluding true sound from hand-crafted varying materials and lively sound expressions to ensure neighbours are not overwhelmed by the loudness: Blackhole by RTOM solutions, from are for you.

They reduce volume by a scientifically-proven 80% while keeping all the tone of the natural sound of acoustic drums: Blackhole pads are made from heavy-duty tunable mesh heads and very durable, thick and tough rubber rims (Practically good for intense rim shots) The drums can be any configuration from the fusion 20” bass drum drum set to the standard 22” bass drum set of rock.

Please do try one today (Headphones not even required).

3) Acoustic Drum sets at our store are better built with workmanship and tonal quality quality checks of every single piece and detail than electronic drums. More often, electronic drums are also looked upon as drum sets crafted for beginners who are not yet aware of the acoustic-electronic hybrid solutions instead. As a result, electronic drums are almost all the time, built to be less performance-based and less enjoyable to play.

Therefore, beginners and those who start out on drumming who play electronic drums often are less effective at drumming on the acoustic set with varying loudness and sensitivity with practical reason. Beginners who take up classes also have to play and perform syllabus-wise in practical examinations and gig performances. You may even have heard that electronic drums are a way for beginners; Even some advanced players play electronic drums to practice and perform.

However, the advanced players who have built themselves up with previous practice never stated on the acoustic drums that they started out or have played on at varying places for gigs, performances, etc. The advanced players have in fact, just incorporated a few and some electronics, microphones and electronic triggers to their setup, their acoustic cymbals and drums never ever did change because basically in order to improve on drumming skills, acoustic drums still have to be utilised.

4) Aesthetically, the look of the acoustic drums are the head-turners, while many have tried to make electronic drums more durable by adding metal pieces and acoustically designed drum racks, they still are not as pleasing to the eyes as the acoustic drums and their varying stunning exuberant colours.

Nobody is going to one’s house to describe how nice that electronic drumset at the corner is which both looks similar to a toy and sounds like a toy however high-end the electronic drums are (e.g. similar to comparing electronic drums as a toy car to acoustic drums as a real car: It is better to be safe and serious even in music and livelihood). However, if there is a practical acoustic drumset and very interesting looking finely designed cymbals (Such as the Istanbul Mehmets and Zion Cymbals that we selectively bring into the shop: Best pieces shipped in), chances are, your friends are going to be in one’s house more often as such.

5) The tuning range of acoustic drums are more real and true to life than electronic drums, and professional sound engineers and musicians generally prefer acoustic drums to electronic drums.

E.g. the song Jessie J - Bang Bang ft. Nicki Minaj and Ariana Grande, the producer of FoxStar Studios who produced this song commented that he made the drums parts with all acoustic backbeat sounds from huge acoustic drums. The bottom-line is this, to be successful in all music careers and music in general regardless of anything, the instrument also has to sound good, drums are thus also an investment which can bring emotional success to the audience as well as the drummer.

6) Know, identify and wisely determine your budget for your benefits of a lifelong continuous drumming passion: If you had wanted an electronic drumset because it were cheap, please refrain. This is because electronic drumsets are generally low end for practicing and performing and everything about drumming in general, and that electronic drumset is most probably someone who does not want the electronic drums and is aware that practicing on electronic drums will also harm the musicality and sensitivity of the drummer.

If you still would like an electronic drumset because of the components, why not settle for the ddrum hybrid drumset we have in our store, with high end features of the modules and upgradable triggers convienent and easy to setup in a few minutes (Just attach the trigger to an acoustic drum set or purchase an all done up hybrid hand-made birch ddrum set in satin black with vibrant black and red lugs, also comes in gloss white and vibrant red lugs too).

If you wanted an electronic drumset because it is expensive, why not please settle for a reasonably priced hybrid drumset by ddrum and upgrade all your acoustic cymbals (Maybe to also the low volume acoustic gen 16 cymbals with pickups as well to plug in and play etc.) Acoustic drums are a better investment with no regrets. The reason is this, the same way of building a house, can be the same way one builds the drumset in the house (The drumset can be part of the house in this case.)

If there is no more budget for anything else after an expensive purchase of the electronic drums, the electronic drumset is left incomplete without acoustic components, similar to the incomplete house and nobody is going to be interested in the particular set of drums nor the drummer on that drums, thus the whole investment is incomplete and the talent and skill sets are not developed to the fullest potential.

7) In our opinion, the drums sound best with some added effects. Thus the hybrid drums by ddrum can solve this. By triggering every single piece of drumset direct into the mixer, with the natural acoustics from the drumset to the overhead microphones and drum microphones, the drums will sound phenomenal and effective. The electronic triggers can also add percussion effects to any part of the drum, such as triggering a tambourine or cowbell etc to the 1st tom etc. They can also add effects through the DD5X module of ddrum.

If there is a need for an electronic drumset which looks stunning, good and sounds and plays and feels like a synthetic drumset, ddrum has also that enabled and the solution is the ddrum hybrid drumset. Simply change the acoustic drum heads into the tunable mesh heads by Remo silent stroke, which enable the drums to be very silent as the triggers and modules to pick up the sound with high-end sound samples into headphones and monitors.

In our opinion, if you wanted headphones for drumming, we will use a pair of in-ear-monitors connected from the mixer audio interface and the mixer audio interface usb into the computer to listen directly to the recording sound from the drum microphones without any latency and clipping sounds.


Please do add consistency to your playing by developing more understanding and knowledge and control over drumming: Because drummers also can be good and effective, skilled percussionists with varying hand and sticking techniques through tone and volume control, articulating the most intricate and on the other spectrum, vibrant sound and tonal qualities.

Please visit us today at at 16 Opal Cresent!

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