Black Hole Practice System

Sounds exactly like your drum set, only 80% quieter. Practice on your drums and keep those around happy.

Set Includes Our 5 Best Selling Sizes
10″, 12″, 14″, 16″,  and 22″.

Also available separately in Bass Snap On 20", Bass Snap On 22", Tom Snap On 10", Tom Snap On 12", Tom Snap On 13", Tom Snap On 14", Tom Snap On 16". 

Snap it on, tune to your desired tension, and you’re ready to go.

The Black Hole Practice System was designed to resolve the long-time struggle that drummers have faced: practicing or playing their drums without driving everyone around them crazy.

  • Sounds exactly like your drum set – just quieter!

  • Easily snaps on to your drums – no head removal required

  • Durable mesh head built for longevity

  • Tunes to your desired tension with a single-point tuning system

  • Available in sizes 8″- 24″





Mesh and Sound Patch: The Black Hole features a heavy-duty mesh head coupled with a specially designed sound patch to give players the most realistic feel possible. The thicker and stiffer mesh allows for the perfect bounce while the sound patch produces an audible and snappy attack.

Single Pointing Tuning: A patented tuning ring located in the inner side of the Black Hole head provides users with the unique ability to tune the mesh head from a single point to fit their playing style. The custom tuning key is included with each unit. The self-contained tension system means that users do not need to remove their heads for quiet playing; Black Hole snaps easily on and off in seconds without any tools or effort.

Rubber Rim: The durable rubber located on the outer rim of the Black Hole is designed to mimic your drums rim. Allowing users to practice rim shots without a significant increase in volume.

Introducing Black Hole

A game changing practice system that lets drummers turn down the volume of their acoustic drums while maintaining their tone and playing experience. Black Hole combines never before seen features – single point tuning, realistic rebound, volume reduction, tone integrity - in one easy to install product, ushering in a new era in drumming where players no longer have to choose between quality sound and low volume.

16 Beat Drums have made YAMAHA EAD10 fully compatible with BLACK HOLE practice system.

so ...What is the EAD10?

(Acoustic Drum Microphone System with Electronic Drum Module, Interconnect Cables, and Power Supply)


The Yamaha EAD10 is a revolutionary new way to mic, record, and share drum performances with the world. In mere seconds, capture a drum kit just as you hear it in the room, or access hundreds of scenes (presets) with hi-res digital samples and FX.


Once you've got sounds dialed in, sharing is easy. Dual 1/4" outputs route the stereo drum mix to any standard interface for fuss-free pickup. USB and aux inputs let you jam along to music on your phone or flash drive, saving the mixed song and performance to the internal hard drive or a connected laptop.


You can even use the free Yamaha Rec'n'Share app to sync video from your phone and audio from the EAD10 for picture-perfect drum covers that are ready to share.