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Enabling drummers the ability to practice at home with the Acoustic Drums, The Black Hole Practice lets you play the drums with 100% FEEL and 100% tone of your drums with an 80% in VOLUME reduction! Tunable and ready from the box with installation by just snapping them on to your drums. Play to your heart's content, without bothering the people around you! 

16 Beat Drums have made YAMAHA EAD10 fully compatible with BLACK HOLE practice system.

so ...What is the EAD10?


(Acoustic Drum Microphone System with Electronic Drum Module, Interconnect Cables, and Power Supply)


The Yamaha EAD10 is a revolutionary new way to mic, record, and share drum performances with the world. In mere seconds, capture a drum kit just as you hear it in the room, or access hundreds of scenes (presets) with hi-res digital samples and FX.


Once you've got sounds dialed in, sharing is easy. Dual 1/4" outputs route the stereo drum mix to any standard interface for fuss-free pickup. USB and aux inputs let you jam along to music on your phone or flash drive, saving the mixed song and performance to the internal hard drive or a connected laptop.


You can even use the free Yamaha Rec'n'Share app to sync video from your phone and audio from the EAD10 for picture-perfect drum covers that are ready to share.

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