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Built on a 100-year tradition of modern drum making, WFLIII Drums have become the new standard in vintage tone. Like his father and grandfather before him, Bill Ludwig III is devoted to providing the drum community with only the highest quality and best sounding drums you can buy. WFLIII Drums have been designed from the ground up with traditional concepts and an ear for today's music. Built with the finest materials and constructed for dynamic sound qualities at home on stage and in the studio, WFLIII drums are bringing quality and pride back for drummers to enjoy.

Founded in 1983, DDRUM are the pioneers of digital percussion and have expanded their product line making them a full line drum company. They design acoustic drum sets, electronic drum kits, industry standard drum triggers and high quality drum hardware that deliver the performance & innovation desired by today’s drummer.

ddrum – Everything for Today’s Drummer.

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.