Have you ever faced any of the following?


  • You can’t get your acoustic drums to sound the way you want

  • You don’t have time to set up your drums properly at a gig

  • You have a problem with your acoustic drums and you don’t know what’s causing it


If your answer is “Yes!” to all or any one of the above, then you are in the right place!


You see, I believe that drummers should only have one goal.


And that is, to put up a very, very good show.


Nobody wants to see you, the drummer, stress yourself out on stage because your drums don’t sound or feel right.


All we want is to see, is you playing the drums like a rock star.


So you might be wondering now, “Okay, I’ll play, but who’s going to help make my drums right?”











Hi, my name is Nigel Gan and I am a Drum Tech.

My close friends and clients know me affectionately as, the “Drum Doctor”.


I started out by serving the church as a drummer in 1995. Through the weekly setting up and tearing down of the drums in church, I developed an interest in the smaller and finer details about drums.


My big break came when I was introduced to work in the drums department of one of the biggest music shops in Asia. Apart from handling sales, I was tuning and setting up drum kits for customers too.Through much research and on-the-job training, I eventually made progress to become who I am today.


Over the years, I’ve had the honour to work with many drums artists from all over the world. Such as Dave Weckl, Steve Smith, Virgil Donati, Kenny Aronoff, Thomas Lang, Benny Greb, Tony Royster Jr., Dennis Chambers, Jojo Mayer, Chris Coleman, Kozo Suganuma, Will Kennedy, Akira Jimbo, Nate Morton, Eric Moore, Stanley Randolph, Echa Soemantri, Arthur Kam, Jost Nickel, Senri Kawaguchi, Luke Holland, and many more!

More than 15 years of working in the drums industry has taught me one thing, and that is drummers need Drum Techs to help them become a better drummer!













Imagine this for a moment:


You are a drummer.


On top of all the stress of wanting to play your best at every gig, you have to first of all, fuss over the setting up of the drum kit right from scratch.


Now, because of the amount of work and time required to setup and tune, you will need to arrive way ahead of time to get this done.


Say goodbye to that extra 2 hours of sleep!


Now let’s turn the situation around.


Imagine now you have someone like me telling you, “Hey Drummer, you do what you do best. Let me take care of the drums, the set up and the tuning for you.”

How would you feel now? A big load off your shoulders, isn’t it?



If you had manage to read until this far, it goes to show one thing:


You need help!


That is why I am here today to share my rich knowledge of specialized skills as a drum tech with you.


Types of Services I Offer:

  • Diagnose Drum Problems

  • Drum Repairs

  • Drums Refurbishing (Includes cleaning, polishing, changing of parts, etc)

  • Drum Maintenance

  • Installation and Tuning of Drums

  • Consultation Services

  • Workshop and Training Services

  • *Mentorship Program


I have a passion for drums, to love and serve drummers. 


Contact me today at (+65) 9117-0692 or nigel@16beatdrums.com for a quote.


*Mentorship program starting soon. I want to raise up a team of people who are passionate to serve unconditionally for the local and regional drum scene.
Interested participants please fill-up and submit the contact form below.

At work with Benny Greb in Singapore

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