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Officially established the company under the name of ‘Istanbul’ in 1982. With a small group of 10 working in the factories, the team found difficulties in fulfilling orders due to the immense popularity the Istanbul Agop cymbal company quickly gained. Years on, Istanbul Agop have adopted a more progressive approach to cymbal making, whilst retaining the values of the company. As it stands, Istanbul Agop are one of the leading Cymbal companies in the world, appealing to drummers from all genres of music

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High quality cymbals from turkey, Murat Diril uses a special B27 Metal alloys giving them a unique sound when compared to other cymbals. 

Istanbul Mehmet Cymbals, initially under the name 'Istanbul' come from a historical lineage of Turkish cymbal making, offering that classic cymbal sound associated with cymbals from Turkey.

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