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Tuning Keys

Tuning Keys

Evans™ Magnetic Head Drum Key is ergonomically designed for comfort and has a knurled knob for quick, easy spinning. It's magnetic head helps prevent slipping and stays in place for fast tightening and loosening. Rattle-free design: grips tight to a tension rod during play so it won't buzz.

Evans Magnetic Drum Key

The most efficient drum key on the market that's like a motorized drum key without the batteries, and increases tuning speed by 4 times or more.

RoboKey Drum Key

Evans™ Torque Key has an ergonomic grip for maximum comfort, a knurled knob for quick spinning, and a slip-resistant magnetic head. The torque handle can be set to a desired tension to help drummers attain more accurate tuning. 

Torque key

• Includes a drum key and a phillips screw driver
• Reversible switch
• Dual sided male/female adapters
• Compact design


Snare Accessories

Snare Accessories

Snare Strainer

  • Material: AL13 aluminium

  • Hole spacing: 2.2 cm

  • CNC machined components

  • Chrome version

  • Includes butt ends

Trick Throwoffs
Available In Black and In Chrome

Puresound Wires
(Available in 14" Configurations, Custom Series: 16 and 24 Strands
Blaster Series: 20 Strands

Cymbal Accessories

Cymbal Accessories

Available In Optimizer Ride Pack 40/18mm 
Chromatics Pack 40/15mm 
Optimizer Starter PackOptimizer Hi-Hat Pack And Optimizer Pack)

Cympad Optimizers Enhance Cymbal Sound.

CYMPAD Optimizer cymbal washers are made from a premium-quality cellular foam material and are a major improvement over conventional felt washers.

Consistent in size and density, Optimizers provide superior cymbal suspension plus isolation from stands and mounting hardware — offering modern drummers a better sound and a natural, more comfortable feel in every drumming situation. 

40mm in diameter with 8, 12 and 15mm heights for individual cymbals and stacks, Optimizer models also include a 3-piece set for hi-hats and an 18mm version for ride and larger crashes.

PDH Cymbal Cap
Available In Neon Green, Solid White, Lava Red And Matt Black

Bass Drum

Bass Drum

When it comes to venting and porting, Drum Os gives you plenty of options. Its easy to get creative with Drum Os because there are endless design possibilities.

Bass Drum Os
Available In White And Black

DrumNBase Hoop Protection

DRUMnBASE has launched a new product that will become the new standard of bass drum hoop protection! The HOOP PROTECT 180 (HP180) gives bass drum hoops the best total protection on top, side and bottom of the hoop, 180 degrees!

This way a bass drum pedal has no chance to damage the lacquer and / or wood of your hoops.

Besides protecting the hoop, HP180 also increases the pedal grip – so no moving pedal anymore!

HOOP PROTECT 180 is the best hoop protector out there!

Ahead Armor Bass Drum Muffler

An innovative dampening cushion from Ahead to give your kick drum more punch.

The Ahead Armor Bass Drum Muffler is a contoured cushion designed to fit into your bass drum to tighten up your sound. This product will deepen your bass drum tone and give it the punch needed to make your bass drum sound powerful.


The adjustable Evans EQ Pad bass drum damper puts you in charge of your bass drum's attack and sustain. This handy device features a hinged damping pad, which bounces off your bass drumhead upon impact - allowing some minimal resonance before it returns to full damp the head.

If you're currently playing with a blanket in your bass drum, the EQ Pad bass drum damper is for you. You'll get totally adjustable, but consistent, results - without having to re-tailor your sound whenever you move your kit - with the Evans EQ Pad bass drum damper.


Bass Drum Beaters

Bass Drum Beaters

Danmar Bass Drum Beaters

Available In Brown Round Wood With Silver Shaft, White Round Felt With Silver Shaft And White Round Felt With Black Shaft

Established in 1970, Danmar manufactures American made drum hardware, acoustic sound instruments and vintage
style reproductions. Danmar Kick Beaters and Impact Pads have been used on hundreds of Gold & Platinum recordings the world over.



Promark Forward Activegrip
Available In 5A, 5B And 7A 

Promark Firegrain
Available In Classic 5A

Promark drumsticks are also available in the following configurations:

Promark 5A Hickory Wood Tip
Promark 5A Natural Hickory Wood Tip
Promark 5B Hickory Wood Tip
Promark P-M 5A Shira Kashi Oak Wood Tip
Promark PW5BW Shira Kashi Oak PW5BW Wood Tip
Promark Hot Rods

Promark Lightning Rods


Available In:
Wire Tap Wood Brush, Wire Tap Retractable Brush, Manhattan 7A Wood Tip, Fatback 3A Wood Tip, GS-Gospel Series Fusion Wood Tip, Virgil Donati's Wood Tip Assault, Sugar Maple Super Jazz Wood Tip, Sugar Maple 7A Wood Tip, Mike Johnston 2451 Wood Tip, Jose Freese's H220 Wood Tip, Brian Frasier-Moore Wood Tip, Nude 5A & 5B Wood Tip, Power 5A & 5B Wood Tip, Los Angeles 5A & 5B Wood Tip, 5A & 5B Nylon Tip, and more...

Regal Tip Ultraflex Nylon Bristle Brush
Regal Tip Conga Sticks

Vater Stick grip tape

Available In 2 Pairs Of Black

Ahead Stick Grip Tape

Snare Drum

Snare Drum

Big Fat Snare Drum

The Big Fat Snare Drum Products were engineered to effortlessly transform any snare drum into your very own vintage, beefy, thumpy 70’s-inspired BIG FAT SNARE DRUM.

Unlike gels and tape, It lowers the fundamental pitch of the drum without any of the hassle. Simply placed on top of your existing snare skin, the custom blend of patent pending rubber and plastic instantly face-lifts your medium to high-pitched tuned snare drum and delivers that sought after, authentic, deep & warm tone we all know & love, thump cut out for quick removal.

Available In:
Big Fat Auto Tone Snare 14", Big Fat Bling Ring, Big Fat Bling Ring Octopus, Big Fat Combo Original/Donut 14", Big Fat Original 13", Big Fat Snare Bourine 13", 14", 16", Big Fat Snare Bourine Donut 13", 14", Big Fat Steves 13", 14"

Multi-Stick Holder

Multi-Stick Holder

Vater Multi-Pair Stick Holder
Available In Black

Ear Plugs

Ear Plugs

Etymotic Research Ear Plugs

Available In:

Standard Fit (Black And Blue)
Large Fit (Red, Purple And Blue)

ETY•Plugs® are the world's highest fidelity non-custom earplugs. Comes with black cord and carrying case.


  • Reduces sound levels evenly so that music and speech are clear and natural, not muffled as with other earplugs

  • Reduces risk of hearing damage for many noisy occupations as well as noisy venues, such as airshows, parades, athletic events and motor sports

  • Enhances the music experience for audiences while protecting hearing

  • Lets musicians hear their own instrument and their blend with others

Drumstick Bag

Drumstick Bag

Tough nylon construction with an outside pocket for storing brushes, accessories or whatever else you'll need. Three large inside pockets will keep your Vater sticks well stocked and organized.

Also includes velcro strips for secure placement on drums and an adjustable shoulder carrying strap.

Vater Stick Bag


16 Beat Drums Stick Bag - Dark Brown Leather

Exclusive to our Shop!

16 Beat Drums Nylon And Leather Stick Bag With Carrier
Available In Greyish Blue And Ash Green Colour 
In-House Special!

Internal Dimensions:
• DEPTH (inches) 3
• DIAMETER (inches) 24.5

• 600 Denier Polyester 
• Water-resisant 
• DX-Core Hi-Impact foam interior 
• Removable Fleece Dividers 
• Holds up to 24" Cymbals 
• Exterior 15" hi-hat and/or splash compartment 
• Heavy-duty handles and shoulder straps 
• PVC-reinforced bottom section 
• Wheels for increase mobility 

DELUXE HEAVY DUTY CYMBAL CASE w/Wheels, Handles and Shoulder Strap

Internal Dimensions:
• DEPTH (inches) 1.25
• DIAMETER (inches) 24.25

• 600 Denier Polyester Exterior 
• Weather-Resistant 
• Holds up to 22" Cymbals 
• Holds up to Eight Cymbals 
• Padded Handles 


The Ahead Armor Drum Mat (AA9027) is a super-functional, Heavy Duty slip-resistant drum mat that has a flexible hinge that folds down the center for easy transport. The mat has a non-slip gel backing, quick release snap lock and measures 107 x 62 inches.

The Ahead Armor Drum Mat (AA9020) is a super-functional, Heavy Duty slip-resistant drum mat that has a flexible hinge that folds down the center for easy transport. The mat has a non-slip gel backing, quick release snap lock and measures 78 x 62 inches.

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